And the winner is Arch LXDE (for the moment!)

After a long time I have decided to swap my main distro to Arch Linux LXDE. I did have Debian Wheezy as my fall-back, running an openbox-session with tint2. I fell for Arch due to its heavily optimised set of binary’s, installing stuff is crazy fast. Pacman, the default package manager will pull in any dependency’s automatically. There are also quite a few extra packages in the Arch User Repository or AUR for short. As with my recent slackware experience, I first learned to install these by hand (really easy in comparison!) Then installed and now use Yaourt, it is community-contributed package forked from official Pacman which adds access to the AUR packages and able to install them automatically.

Hats off to Debian, I have been using it (or derivatives of it) for about 12 years or so. The main edition is rock solid & smooth, but, a little outdated package wise. If you move from stable to testing, things start to get a bit buggy. So I needed to find a balance.

In comes Arch. I’m using the LTS kernel. But everything is up to date, bleeding edge! Stable! Fast!  Woohoo. There is also a very detailed wiki, just fantastic documentation. So I now have two spare partitions to mess around with. Gentoo or Crux (building your own kernel is not that painful? Who knows? It’s great to have so much choice!

So bye for now my friend Debian, thank you for my introduction into the Linux world 🙂


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